H&H Cafe100% Kaʻu Coffee

For those of you who know me well… You know how much I LOVE coffee!!! Aside from fashion, coffee is equally a passion of mine.❤️I’m excited to share that the newest pop-up shop location will be the new home of Hugs and Honis Cafe in Hilo! We are planning to hopefully open at the end of this year! We are in the process of renovations, and will continue to proceed after merrie monarch. It’s a work in progress😂

Hugs and Honis Cafe has collaborated with an island chef who was born on the Big Island and has worked under some of the best Hawaii chefs in Oahu. We will be 100% Local, meaning that everything served at our cafe will be from the islands of Hawaii! Our plans are to serve soups, salads, and sandwiches, along with some Ono desserts!!! We will eventually have live music for Aloha Friday’s too!!!

We are very excited to share that we’ve worked hard to have our own brand of 100% Ka’u Coffee! We worked very hard with the coffee farmers of Ka’u and have found what we feel is the best quality. This coffee has won numerous awards and is world renown for its taste and quality. We will introduce a limited batch of our HH Cafe 100% Ka’u Coffee at the pop-up shop in Hilo! There are only 200 bags available for purchase. Many people have been placing pre-orders, so I wanted to extend the offer to you too! Our 100% Ka’u Coffee has not only come from the most award winning coffee farms in Ka’u, but will be sold for only $15.00 per 7oz bag. 

Please email if you want to pre-order. 

Much Love,

こちらの新しいポップアップショップの場所が、Hugs and Honis Cafe になるんですって!





スープ、サラダ、サンドイッチやデザートや、また、自社ブランドの100% カウコーヒーも提供するそうですよ。

HH Cafe 100% Ka’u Coffee7オンス、約200gの袋で$15.00!




H&Hが協力を受けたこのJN Coffee farmは、50エーカーにもおよぶ1番大きなカウコーヒー農園で、



Halau O Ka Manu Hula Leʻa